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Technology innovation is the only way to win. SMART Games uses Knackalytics. Knackalytics combines the magic of games, the rigor of science, and the insight of machine-intelligent data analytics.

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SMART Bronze

Our most economical online solution, specifically designed for recruiting and assessing large numbers of candidates at an attractive cost.

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SMART Silver

Our fast and efficient, online assessment solution designed to provide comprehensive individual reports for all levels of your organisation.

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Our cutting-edge, online assessment solution especially designed for manager level participants.

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SMART Platinum

The best of both worlds – an assessment centre delivered with a combination of online & face to face administration.

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SMART Diamond

Best in class – our assessment centre solution fully administered in our world class facility

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Technology innovation is the only way to win. SMART AC uses enAC from Switzerland as its AC platform of choice. Not only is it a global 1st, but enAC is the easiest and most intuitive online AC platform in the market.

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SMART Platform

A cloud-based online assessment system developed by ASI Asia Pacific. Finally there is now a digital solution that provides you the independence you have been wishing for.

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