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SMART AC, our award-winning Virtual Assessment Centre solution, continues to break new ground in the assessment of your future leaders.

International Standard Assessments

Our SMART AC solution was nominated for Best HR Tech awards in 2020 & 2022 – and both times we came away with the Gold awards. We are excited about what the future will bring.

Our Approach to
Assessment Centres

Our clients are the same as you, they are looking for a comprehensive review of your team’s behaviors, they would like it fast and they wish it to be a cost-effective investment. Our SMART AC solution will provide you all 3 of those things, whilst maintaining the international standard that ASI Asia Pacific is known for.

Partner with ASI Asia Pacific to unleash the potential of your people.

We understand that everybody’s behaviour is unique. By providing you a wide range of exercises as well as the latest Assessment Centre technology, you will be able to drive results through both a deep insight of the behaviour of your people, as well as a comprehensive development plan for them.

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