ASI Asia Pacific’s Whistleblowing System

Dear Partners,
ASI Asia Pacific is a trusted HR Tech Company committed to building a healthy business environment of high integrity. As part of this commitment, ASI Asia Pacific has a Whistleblowing System (WBS) reporting facility.

DEFINITION of Whistleblowing System

Whistleblowing System is a reporting tool provided by ASI Asia Pacific for those of you who have information pertaining to, and wish to report, suspected acts of fraud, violations of law or code of ethics or violations of conflicts of interest occurring within the ASI Asia Pacific environment.

ASI Asia Pacific will process all complaints that fulfils the criteria, together with your identification information in the form. Your complaint will be easy to follow up if at least it meets the following factors:

WHAT : Actions that occur resulting in known violations.

WHERE : Where the action / incident was committed.

WHEN : When did the action / incident take place.

WHO : Who was involved in these violations.

HOW : How the action occurred, such as modus, method, and so on

Definition of Reported Actions:

Fraud / Cheating

Deviation or deliberate omission to deceive, or manipulate ASI Asia Pacific, or other parties that occur internally / within the ASI Asia Pacific environment and / or use ASI Asia Pacific facilities so as to result in ASI Asia Pacific, or other parties suffering losses from / or perpetrators of fraud obtain financial benefits, either directly or indirectly.

The types of actions that are classified as fraud are:

  1. Cheating
  2. Fraud
  3. Asset Embezzlement
  4. Information Leaks
  5. Corruption
  6. Any other thing that could have an impact on or benefit one of the parties.
Violation of the Law

Actions that violate the laws in force in Indonesia.

Violation of the Code of Ethics

Actions that are not in line with ASI Asia Pacific culture are based on the positive values that grow and develop in all ASI Asia Pacific employees, in order to achieve common goals and also as a model for ASI Asia Pacific employees for future decision making and action.

Conflict of Interest Violation

Actions that cause a condition in which someone in the interest of carrying out their duties and obligations has an interest outside the interests of ASI Asia Pacific, whether related to personal, family or other parties' interests so that ASI Asia Pacific employees may lose their objectivity in making decisions and policies according to the authority that the company has given them.

Submit your WBS report via the e-Form below.

Thank you for your concern and trust in ASI Asia Pacific.

Please do not worry about your identity being revealed because ASI Asia Pacific
ASI Asia Pacific appreciates the information you have reported.

ASI Asia Pacific’s Whistleblowing System Reporting Form

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Make sure you get a reporting number via email after you submit your Whistleblowing System report.