SMART Platform

A cloud-based online assessment system developed by ASI Asia Pacific. Finally there is now a digital solution that provides you the independence you have been wishing for.

Intuitive Dashboard

  • Information at your fingertips
  • Provide a range of standard “out of the box” dashboards which mean that you can be up and running with an integrated solution very quickly

Customizable Assessments

  • Wide range of assessments
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Customizable test process

User Friendly Database

  • Comprehensive database
  • Easy to edit data
  • Direct communication with your candidates

Report Generation

  • Multiple report types based on candidates test results
  • Wide range of norms
  • Group report generation available


  • User friendly system for generating reports
  • Different reports = Different credits
  • Budget friendly

The VALIDATE function

The SMART Platform will immediately inform you if you have entered an incorrect email address when sending an invitation to your candidates by using its VALIDATE function

Direct Invitation

Ability to send your online test invitation directly to your candidates

Easy Monitoring

Easy to monitor your project’s progress

Immediate Results

Immediate results once your candidates have completed their assessment

Wide Choice Of Reports

Wide range of reports that match your company need

Easy Access Database

Cloud Based System

Built on HTML5

Dedicated Server

Dedicated server just for you

Cross-Browser Compatible

Compatible with all major browsers


Who we are and What we stand for

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