Technology innovation is the only way to win. SMART AC uses enAC from Switzerland as its AC platform of choice. Not only is it a global 1st, but enAC is the easiest and most intuitive online AC platform in the market.

ASI ASIA PACIFIC is proud to be the Indonesian distributor for enAC.

Web based platform enAC

Supports you in the planning and implementation of your Assessment and Development Centre.


  • Offers an automated planning of individual and group
    assessments with the brand new planning tool
  • Enables flexibility, even with short-term changes as an example
    cancellations of participants and assessors


  • Leads you - online and paperless - systematically through the
    individual and group assessments
  • Transfers information from the electronic notepad function into the
    observation sheets
  • Presents the observation sheets with indicators and evaluation
    scheme for each candidate according to their individual program


  • Integrates all the collected behavioural observations at the touch of
    a button into a rough draft of a report which can be quickly and
    easily edited into a final draft
  • Provides the observations for structured feedback sessions


  • Includes the complete papilio competency model - in four languages
  • Gives access to our database of concrete development measures and
    competency-based interview questions
  • Can be customized (competency model, rating scale, report format)


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