HR Technology is assisting the fight back against COVID-19 through Employee Development

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Online Assessment - 06-04-2020

HR Technology is assisting the fight back against COVID-19 through Employee Development

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically spreading across the globe has inevitably created changes in the dynamics of systems and activities in the workspace. The government has urged companies to implement Work From Home policies since mid-March for the sake of mutual safety and to curb the spread of the virus. As a result, the company's internal and external activities have been forced to shift digitally. Meetings that were originally scheduled to be face-to-face are now diverted to video conference calls. Those companies that have resisted change in the past are now facing the choice of adapt or perish.

ASI Asia Pacific, having been at the forefront of HR Technology in Indonesia since the early 2000’s, are encouraging their clients to take advantage of this unique time to focus on their Employee Development. With solutions available through an easy-to-use assessment platform or outsourced to ASI’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Team, all development processes, inclusive of comprehensive reports and development recommendations that are designed to do from home, are now available to companies who wish to know how ready are their employees to face these new challenging times that we are in.

The 3 most common tasks of HR departments, Recruitment, Development and Promotion, do not have to stop because of Social Distancing. EVERYTHING can move forward as required with the use of HR Technology.

So what services does ASI Asia Pacific’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Team provide:

  1. SMART Individual.  An online assessment solution designed to provide comprehensive Recruitment, Development, and Promotion reports for all levels in your organization.
  2. SMART Volume.  An online assessment solution specifically designed to conduct large numbers of assessments at an affordable cost.
  3. SMART AC.  A 100% Online Assessment Center solutions are carried out in a number of ways, that includes Psychometrics, Business Cases, Focus Group Discussions, Interviews, etc, depending on what you want to measure, and of course, your budget. EVERYTHING from a traditional AC is now available online!

Now faced with the impact of COVID-19, decision-makers must adapt faster than ever before. Those who are already obtaining the benefits of HR Technology share ASI Asia Pacific’s vision of Making HR Simple. The question now is, “How Ready are You?”