Tender Specialists

We are looking for multiple Tender Specialists to join our team in Jakarta.

Be a part of our creative machine helping us to elevate our client's experiences one interaction at a time. At ASI Asia Pacific we design extraordinary customer experiences that drive meaningful and lasting results.

We value flexibility and drive and this role is no exception. Your job is to serve both the client and the company acting as part strategist, part project manager and part client partner. You will work actively on client tenders by providing strategic input and come up with solutions to solve complex business and product challenges.

About you

  • You look at the world around you, and see opportunities to improve the design and experience of everything.
  • You are passionate about creating great experiences for other people.
  • You commonly get infected with ensuring company documentation is structured and always double-checked.
  • You’re organized, forward-thinking, and “love it when a plan comes together”.
  • You possess excellent written and oral communication skills – with the ability to communicate with clients, peer and teammates in an honest, professional, pleasant and effective manner.
  • You are a master at prioritizing, multi-tasking and problem solving and manage to remain levelheaded and constructive in all situations.
  • You are a natural leader with experience driving results within a team.

What you will do

  • Serve as the primary point throughout the lifecycle of a client's tender.
  • Develop enduring client relationships that foster success, partnership and continued growth.
  • Actively lead and collaborate with clients and teams to understand objectives, devise sound strategies and employ solutions to drive results.
  • Identify and manage opportunities to upsell and directly grow client relationships.
  • Build short and long term roadmaps for both client work and account roadmaps.
  • Provide ongoing strategic and creative leadership to guide the direction of the client and the respective teams.
  • Work with cross disciplinary teams to drive successful outcomes.
  • Work with both client and internal teams to manage schedules and prioritization of work and deliverables.
  • Manage timelines
  • Make sure that projects/tasks are on schedule/delivered on time

Our requirements

  • At least 3-5 years tender experience, preferably within an agency or professional services setting.
  • Experience providing leadership and strategic input to complex, objective-based initiatives.
  • Experience in managing individuals and teams is a plus.
  • Recent experience with government or BUMN projects is a plus.
  • A degree in Administration is a plus.

You’ll need to provide us a few things:

  • A unique letter that explains why you’re a good fit for this position. We can smell standard letters from a mile away, so show us you really want this!
  • Your resume emphasizing any pertinent experience you have.
  • Answer this question: What is it about ASI Asia Pacific that excites you?

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Tender Specialists

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